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How to obtain an O'Logis card

The card is available in the Logis establishments. Ask for it directly from your hotel. You can also join the loyalty programme by going to www.o-logis.com. In this case, after you become a member, you will be given a provisional card number, which you can use to obtain your permanent card in one of Logis' hotel-restaurants.

I have a temporary account, how can I get my magnetic card?

You can obtain it from your Logis hotel that will replace your provisional number with your permanent number.


I lost my password, how do I recover it?

Passwords can be requested in the "Need help logging in" section which you will find in the "Member Access" section. Just enter the email address used to create your account.



How does the point accumulation system work?

Each batch of 1,400 points earns you a voucher for 15 Euros (2,800 points = 30 Euros, 5,600 points = 60 Euros, etc.).

  • For meals only at less than €20/person, the amount will be based on €1 = 1 point
  • For meals only at more than €20/person, the amount will be based on €1 = 2 points
  • For hotel + meal services, the amount will be based on the schedule applied by each hotel, i.e. €1 = 2 points, €1 = 3 points, €1 = 4 points or € = 5 points

I no longer have the receipt showing my points earned?

Starting 1st June, you will receive an electronic receipt which will be sent to your email address confirming the amount of the transaction and your new points balance. Please note that only those customers who have activated their account will be able to receive these notifications by email.

How can I find out the validity date of my points?

Your O'Logis points are valid for one year up to the end of next year's quarter (e.g. for points earned in January, February or March 2018, they will be valid until 31 March 2019). In your personal space under "My account" you will find a summary table indicating the expiry dates of your points.

Can I earn points for a stay before I became a member?

Only stays made after the date of joining the programme are eligible for credit points.

What services can I earn points for?

Only expenses related to the hotel and catering industry are eligible for accumulating points starting at € 1 including VAT, for a reservation made directly (with the hotel, on logishotels.com, or on the Logis central reservation system), excluding negotiated rates and promotions.

If I reserve on Booking.com, Hotels.com or other booking platforms, do I earn points?

No. You earn points only for bookings made directly with the hotel, or on logishotels.com, or via the Central Reservation system of Logis.

I forgot to present my O'Logis card at the hotel, can I still earn my points?

You can only earn points if you can show your card or number when you check in at the hotel.


When can I receive a voucher?

When you have accumulated 1400 points, you can receive a loyalty voucher for € 15. Note: the voucher is not issued automatically or sent to you by post. The vouchers are issued in your personal space on the o-logis.com website. You select the desired amount and then validate it by clicking "edit". You can then download the voucher and print it if you wish. Printing the voucher is not mandatory. You can show the image of your voucher using your smartphone or simply quote the voucher number at your hotel.

How long are my vouchers valid for?

Your loyalty vouchers are valid for one year.


I lost my card, how do I obtain a new one?

You can obtain a new card from your Logis hotel that will replace the old number with the new one and will transfer your points to the new card.